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  • Recording function

    We offer you the option of a receptor with record function to capture your favourite TV shows and movies from the comfort of your fingertips. No more anxiety of losing out if you arrive home late or need a break!
  • HD or SD

    Over 150 entertainment channels with movies, cartoons, sport and shows. You can choose whether you wish to receive an HD or SD receptor, from either Focus SAT or Telekom.
  • Reliability

    Your signal should always be crystal-clear. However, if you experience any issues, our team is available 24/7 to assist you, at the tip of a ring.

Satellite receiver installation services in Wales

Long-standing and award-winning family-run business

Founded in early 2012 and based in Cardiff serving all over the UK, AGF Satellite Services is a family business specialising in TV, AV and communications, who sets up and installs aerial and satellite TV systems.

Being “big enough to matter, small enough to care”. Our service is built entirely around customer satisfaction with the vast majority of our work coming from returning customers and recommendations.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Answering calls from our customers or returning them promptly.
    Meaning you can be assured that your enquiry will be dealt with quickly.
  • Using only high-quality parts and components.
    So you can expect a system that will last, saving you money in the long run!
  • Maintaining a high level of expertise and continually evolving with our sector.
  • Our advice will always be good advice.
  • Combining our expertise with test equipment and working in a fast and tidy efficient manner.
  • Our installations are never rushed but completed promptly leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day with no mess.
  • Rightfully valuing each and every one of our customers.
  • Our business would be nowhere without you, we want you to come back and tell your friends and family about us.
  • Following up on our work, so that we are sure that you are entirely happy with our service.
  • HD
    Image Quality
  • 150+
    TV Channels
5 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
6 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
  • Crystal-clear reception
  • 150+ World Channels
  • Flexible choice of device
  • Fast Support 24/7

Get in touch now and we will get back to you as soon as we can to schedule an installation!


    What our clients say

    1 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    Cornelia Pater

    I highly recommend AGF with my whole heart for their punctuality, professionalism and seriousness!

    2 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    Valentin Pasescu

    The best television and the best and fastest service that I have ever received. The installer is a very knowledgeable man. I highly recommend AGF Satellite Services!

    3 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    Loredana Ionescu

    I confidently recommend AGF! Professionalism, trustworthiness and a lot of politeness are just few of the reasons for which I recommend Alin's services!

    4 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    Adrian Stan

    I confidently recommend Alin, a highly-skilled professional, deserving A*!

    A flexible choice of packages from just 10£ per month

    You have the freedom to choose from a large variety of packages, depending on your needs, tastes and budget.

    7 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    8 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    TV Channels

    Watch more than 250 channels

    The most popular and beloved TV channels of Romania and the UK, at the touch of a fingertip through your remote control!

    9 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
    10 AGF Satellite Installation Services Wales
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